Idea Home - Forever Home 2020 - Loon Architects 3D Rendering of the home



We are so excited to be part of the 2020 Idea Home team. When joining the team, the theme was still not set, Loon Architects immediately volunteered the Living in Place concept. It was well received and adopted as “The Forever Home”. This is a theme, we at Loon Architects, have been promoting for several years.

With a focus on custom home design, Loon Architects juggles many factors to make each project personalized. We design the home to interact with the site and natural views connected to your unique surroundings. With the use of craft and quality materials, we can bring joy to home life and enrich interior spaces using daylight and detail.  What sets us apart from other designers, is our additional focus on ensuring the home is flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs as a person ages. This helps assure that our homes nurture you and your guests indefinitely.

Our firm has made it a priority to continually educate ourselves on what it means to incorporate Living in Place into the design process. As owner and principle designer, Steve has attended seminars and training sessions, earned several certifications, including Certified Aging in Place Specialist and Living in Place Professional, is a past member of the National Aging in Place Council and has been asked to share his expertise with others through a variety speaking engagements.

Our goal, by layering the aging in place concepts into our design, is to allow you to stay in the home for as long as you choose. Each time you spend money on your home, consider how to make it free of barriers and accommodate changing needs.

Much of the current housing stock was designed as “Peter Pan” housing for people that never grow old. Some of these are barriers we have grown used to including: Steep Stairs; Tight bathrooms; Small kitchens; Laundry located in basement; Narrow doorways; Bedrooms (and Bathrooms) located upstairs and poor traffic flow.  

As an alternative, the Forever Home demonstrates some Living in Place concepts while including, ample daylight, color and playful whimsy. This home eliminates the barriers of a “Peter Pan” house through its: Single level living with generous circulation; Wide doorways and Smart technology all seamlessly integrated. Some other features include high contrast wall to floor finishes for the visually impaired, ease of use cabinet and countertop features and fashionable bathroom accessories that double as grab bars. 

Come experience the Forever Home and to get some hands-on ideas for your next project!

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Find out more information about  Loon Architects custom home design for The Forever Home on the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show Website

Come visit our booth #1949 and walk through the Idea Home. 

Feb. 26-Mar. 1 2020 

forever home - Design features

Seamless Zero Step Entry


Designing the entries to be barrier free and accommodate changing needs allows the home owner and guests to experience a space that feels safe, flexible and most of all welcoming 

Connect With the Site and Natural Views


 This home takes a modern approach, which embraces simple geometry and expansive glass to embrace the landscape and introduce ample daylight into a reasonably small space 

floor plan design


The Idea Home - The Forever Home 2020 Loon Architects floor plan design for aging in place

The forever home design embraces color, texture, and delightful whimsy to feature a sampling of systems and techniques that make our everyday life easier to live regardless of age or ability.